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We embrace your vision of entrepreneurship by supporting your 'can do' spirit. The look you love can be an economic engine for your personal financial dreams when you decide to join Relay Collective – a direct selling company – as a LumiBloom consultant.

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MacKenzie Hill, Co-Founder

MacKenzie Hill is a world class Track and Field hurdler and die-hard fashionista hailing from Los Angeles, CA where she graduated from UCLA. Her vision for Relay Collective and the hair brand LumiBloom was inspired by her travels around the world competing in track meets with her co-founder Greg Nixon. It was while on a trip overseas that the two realized that they could help empower communities by putting high-quality hair directly into women’s hands for them to sell to their friends and families. MacKenzie’s love of style, self-expression and all things fresh and fabulous made starting this company a dream come true.

Relay Collective was founded because we saw a need in the marketplace. And I always wanted to be a business owner who helps other people succeed. Sports has shown me firsthand that hard work leads to success, so I want to give people a way to enable their efforts to bring huge rewards, while having fun in the process!
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Relay Collective is the exclusive distributor of 100% human hair extensions under the LumiBloom™ brand. LumiBloom™ offers an array of products to protect and grow your hair including shampoos, conditioners, serums and oils suitable for your natural hair and for your hair extensions. Our related brand, VitaBloom, offers nutritional products to support and protect your hair from the inside out. Together, our brands offer industry leading options in their respective product categories.