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We embrace your vision of entrepreneurship by supporting your 'can do' spirit. The look you love can be an economic engine for your personal financial dreams when you decide to join Relay Collective – a direct selling company – as a LumiBloom consultant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I earn?

You can earn a 20-to-40% commission on your personal sales of LumiBloom luxury hair and hair care products and up to 22% in commissions on Relay Collective teams you form.

You can manage your personal business part-time, full-time or ‘Big Time.’ The choice is yours.

Being part of Relay Collective is all about your time, availability and effort. We make it easy because we want you to love what you do.

LumiBloom luxury hair and hair care product parties are fun, relaxing and worry-free. We offer you the tools and techniques to make your parties a great experience for your customers and successful product sales generating events for you.

You can recruit your own team of Relay Collective Consultants and earn an added commission on LumiBloom luxury hair and hair care product sales generated by your team members.

Is there a fee for the Hair Hostess Program?

No. The LumiBloom Hostess Rewards Program is designed to reward your friends (the hostess) for allowing you to share The Look You Love with her friends and family. At the same time it helps you increase sales, party bookings and customer orders.

How much do I need to invest to get started?

You can invest as little as $59.99 for the Consumer Product Kit or choose LumiBloom the kit that provides you with everything you need to begin holding parties — $297 for the Jr. Executive Kit, $647 for the Executive Kit and $997 for the Sr. Executive Kit. You can also choose to have your very own LumiBloom website.

Where will I find customers?

Your customers are as close as your smartphone contacts and Facebook friends.

Your customers are as near as your neighbors and co-workers. Your social media interactions become the keys to open the doors to your personal business consultations and product sales.

Wherever and however you interact in your circle of friends, family, and close associates, you will find interested customers searching for two specific things: a hairstyle look they can love and a person they hope can help them attain it.

You will also find interested persons who want to do exactly what you’re planning to do: Control their own financial destiny.

Where can I sell LumiBloom products?

LumiBloom products can be sold in a variety of ways, but they sell best when your customers can touch and feel the luxury of LumiBloom hair care products and appreciate the exclusivity of LumiBloom hair.

That’s why we strongly recommend LumiBloom parties to generate consistent sales interest and develop long-term customers. LumiBloom parties allow your customers to experience our luxury hair products in a relaxing, ‘no pressure’ atmosphere that you create for them.

LumiBloom parties can be your platform for increasing your product sales, expanding your customer base by connecting with friends and associates of your customers, and growing your business by recruiting a team of Relay Collective Consultants that would enable you to share in their business success.

You can conduct virtual parties and sell luxury hair and hair care products online through your Relay Collective Consultant website.

The choices are many, but the way you choose to do it is yours: one on one, parties – in person or virtual, preferred customer lists, or tradeshows, expos, and other special events. We will show you how to be successful with our LumiBloom product sales tools and techniques.

Will I receive training and marketing support?


We will provide you with the training you need to be a successful LumiBloom luxury hair and hair care products Consultant and personal business owner. You will receive direct support from Relay Collective to help you fine tune your sales approach to promote party sales and repeat business.

Relay Collective will hold monthly product sales and team building webinars, weekly product sales and leadership training calls, as well as online tools, sales advice and customer service training.

You will be able to log-on to ‘LumiBloom Party Central’ where we will show you how to use your LumiBloom Party Tools, develop creative ways to host home parties, provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to host virtual parties, how to build your preferred customer database, and teach you valuable skills for successfully managing your one-on-one luxury hair and hair care product consultations.

We will invite you to participate in our Relay Collective national conference where we will show you how to easily and quickly maximize your sales potential and team recruitment capability using your social media interactions from the comfort of your home.

What does it take to be successful?

Your success will be based on your belief in yourself. We’ll give you the tools and techniques to be the sales powerhouse you know you can be!

With your passion and drive, you’ll soon be on your way to running your own personal business. What you don’t currently know about selling LumiBloom luxury hair and hair care products, we will teach you.

Your sales success is important to us.

When people you know witness your success, they will want to know how they can be as successful as you… and you’ll have their answer: Join my Relay Collective Consultant team and we’ll be successful together!

What does it mean to be a Relay Collective Consultant?

It means personal independence and financial freedom. It means becoming your own LumiBloom luxury hair and hair care products ambassador.

It means developing your talents to help women build their confidence and enhance their style by providing them with luxury hair and hair care products they can’t find or purchase elsewhere.

It means empowering women and men you know to share in an exciting opportunity to earn income with you as part of your successful team.

Do I have to recruit?


You can do as much or as little as you like. The choice is yours.

Do I have to carry inventory?


The success of LumiBloom luxury hair and hair care products is the fact that we make it easy for you to select, obtain and sell the finest hair product styles on the planet.

You custom tailor your hair and hair care product purchases to your customers’ needs. As your base of customers expands, you can easily expand your product purchases to reflect the hair and hair care needs of your growing clientele.

How would I book parties?

We’ll take you through the party planning process step-by-step. We’ll provide you time-tested tips, suggestions and recommendations. You know your friends, family and close associates. You know some of their likes and dislikes.

All of your personal interactions with people closest to you will be the starting point for booking your parties. We will provide all of the necessary training, tools, and materials to help you get started. We will even reward your friends for hosting the party for you.

Once you’ve experienced how easy it is, you will be able to leverage your social networks to build your personal business database of preferred customers and make future party planning a part of your LumiBloom routine.

How many hours do I need to work?

It’s up to you.

You determine how much time you want to invest to be the success you’ve always known you can be.

How do I get paid?

Your customers will pay for their product orders (by cash, check or credit card) when they attend your parties. You will process your customers’ orders, and the products will be shipped to your customers.

The difference in the retail cost of your customers’ LumiBloom order and the wholesale cost you pay for LumiBloom products is the profit you will see once the order fulfillment process is complete.

You will receive a check from Relay Collective and your customers will receive their LumiBloom luxury hair and hair care products to provide them with the look and style you know they’ll love.

We make it easy. We know your satisfied customers will return to you for more LumiBloom luxury hair and hair care products in the months ahead.

Is there a sales quota?


But if you decide to become a LumiBloom luxury hair and hair care product team leader, you will need to make a commitment to yourself and your personal business by maintaining $250 in personal retail sales per month. This level of participation signifies your status as a LumiBloom leader-by-example.

Can you tell me more about your products?

Here are some quick facts about our products:

Our hair is carefully handpicked to ensure top quality. We only sell unprocessed hair.

Our hair care products are sulfate and paraben free.

You can learn more about our products on the LumiBloom Promise page.

Will I have to pack and deliver orders myself?


We will manage the product order fulfillment for you. We make your product sales worry-free. LumiBloom luxury hair and hair care products are delivered directly to your customers based on information your customers provide to you on their LumiBloom product order forms.

No worries. No hassles. You can spend your valuable time arranging LumiBloom parties and serving your repeat customers. We call it the LumiBloom advantage.

Will you be adding more products?

Definitely! We pride ourselves on only offering the best in luxury hair and hair care products. We will not lower our standards.

Our product sources are known for their quality and exclusivity. But our relationships have enabled us to make their luxury hair and hair care products accessible to you and your customers.

We will carefully assess your customers’ interest in new products, but we will only introduce new products when we are satisfied that they are at the pinnacle of product selection.

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Relay Collective is the exclusive distributor of 100% human hair extensions under the LumiBloom™ brand. LumiBloom™ offers an array of products to protect and grow your hair including shampoos, conditioners, serums and oils suitable for your natural hair and for your hair extensions. Our related brand, VitaBloom, offers nutritional products to support and protect your hair from the inside out. Together, our brands offer industry leading options in their respective product categories.